Experience the battlefield thrill and craze with Pixel Gun 3D


At the very outset, it’d be prudent to mention the gaming experience varies from people to people. Each individual has his or her share of ideas, wants, quests and gaming impulses, and what’s appealing, winning or pleasing to me, might not be the same to another person. Those who share the same thirst for battles, epic duels, annihilating evil monsters and welding the most superb weapons on a fantastic, graphics-driven battleground, welcome to Pixel Gun 3D. The experience was very fulfilling and even after playing this game for quite some time, it still feels new every time I start on the premier level.

I played Pixel Gun 3D in its most vibrant multiplayer mode with deadly, death match and co-operative fronts. It’s a modern, cool block and world for first-person shooters in the survival arena and single-player campaign. The contextual game happens to be the pocket edition catering to mobile devices. You have the perfect scope of fighting with your enemies, colleagues, classmates or just about anyone in the globe! I didn’t take me long to discern that it’s all about letting loose your killer and fighting spirits. Creation and customization of your character by implementing special skins and incorporating them on the battlefield amazed me.

Being a pocket, first-person shooter game, I could play it anytime, anywhere. The death-match mode in the multiplayer fold is both local and worldwide. I have played with numerous people around the globe. There are unique maps of different sizes and shapes. Besides the mind-boggling artwork and graphics, what swept me off my feet is the varied weaponry that ranges from Combat M16 rifle, magic bow to light-saber and desert eagle. You can play with at least eight players in one game. Talking with pals right in between a battle via open chat rooms about pixel gun 3d cheats and tricks and advancing through challenging levels makes things all the more exciting.

The survival mode epitomizes challenge as I could only muster one re-spawn or fresh elixir for free. I came to know that it’s the standard feature of the game, which means you got to start from the scratch once you die. The elixir made me happy only till my head was gnawed off by some cursed mummies. I started all over again, right from the beginning. It makes you feel disheartened after you advance so much. But, that’s the core of the game.

It’s both rage and excitement inducing to proceed to the next level, where I had to start over once again due to a pack of hungry, mendacious birds. The multiplayer mode allowed me to either join a game or create one. You can create an individual game by picking the map and choosing the specific number of players. I can also decide how kills can clinch the game for me! That makes things even sweeter. You have to do or die after entering the arena.  Here, the first player to make it the decided amount of kills comes out victorious. Survival modes entail 10 different challenging levels, with each one surpassing the other in terms of hurdles. The multiplayer mode entails nine maps for you to choose from. The larger ones operate best for big groups.

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